Can I Get A Same Day Payday Loan?


I want to be the first to tell you that I am not endorsing payday loans in any way. I am just describing a life that many people have to deal with, especially when they are strapped for cash.

Some people resort to things they might not consider otherwise when they are strapped for cash. There is desperation there you never felt before.

Keeping that in mind, I will explore some variables you should consider if you are someone who needs cash in a hurry.

The Financial Emergency

The same-day payday loan can help you cover financial issues in a pinch until your next check comes. Applying for, and receiving easy quick payday cash advance loans may be the answer. There are a few things you need to watch for though. There is a convenience issue here. Lenders like to prey on the convenience that borrowers have.

In lamen’s terms, the same-day loan is nothing more than a convenient way out of the problem. It is nothing more than a short-term fix to something that could become a long-term issue.

That might not be what you want to hear, but it is the truth. The interest rates you get will be higher than normal(sometimes triple what you might normally pay). Once more, the same-day payday loan is considered a convenience and you are paying for that convenience.

Some loans will give you an APR of 400%. The other thing you need to know is your same-day payday loan is on a short-term basis. Other payday loans might offer a few months to pay everything back. However, the lender expects you to pay the same-day loan back the next day.

You might have only borrowed $500, but they will expect that payment right away with interest. Hey, convenience has an expensive price tag.

The other thing you need to be careful about is the approval process. You might be approved for something today, but that does not mean you will get it today.

Does that mean the payback date has changed now? It goes according to your state’s rules. You might not get the money for a few days. However, the time and date you pay everything back has not changed.

Should You Get One?

That depends on you, your situation, and your ability to pay it back right away. The longer you delay repayment, the higher the interest rates go.

I have a few things to think about below.

1) You do get the fast cash. You might need a car repair that your bank account cannot cover. A same-day loan could be the fix you need to get your car running. There are potential downsides you need to know about, especially in the case when your car repair bill is going to be high.

That same-day loan is helpful, but what is not helpful is the high rates you have to pay back along with the original amount. This is how payday lenders make their money.

2) The one benefit is there is no collateral to secure one. They do not call them unsecured loans for anything.

3) Bad credit might not be a dealbreaker, but it is not something that will help your cause either. Lenders can take advantage of something with bad credit more. Someone with good credit is not going to be useful to them.


Taking out a same-day payday loan is not a bad thing, but it is not a good thing either. Read the fine print before you agree to anything.

How to finance an event: 9 useful tips

By Compass Wealth Partners. An Oshawa Financial Advisor

You have an idea for a spectacular event that you absolutely must put into practice. Obviously, the first question to which you will have to find an answer is: where will you find the funds to make it come true? There are different strategies to apply when it comes to how to finance an event and in this post we will explain the main options.

How to finance an event: the options
Ticket sales
It is the most obvious option. If your event lends itself to being able to charge participants an entrance ticket, the best thing to do is to put the tickets on sale as soon as possible, and create a pricing strategy that starts from the reduced “early bird” price and gradually increases prices as the date of the event approaches. In this way you can quickly attract a first set of participants, and have the first funds available to start organizing the event. having already sold tickets also shows the potential of the event’s success and increases your chances of accessing other sources of funding.

Types of tickets
You can also have a combination of free and paid tickets (especially if your event contains related sub-events), and in this way you can give participants a “taste” of the event with free activities, which will make them more likely to want to pay for the most important ones. Another thing you can do is have a free donation as a price for entry (each participant pays an amount of your choice). This mode is more characteristic for charity events, but it can also work for other types of events.

Did you know that if you use Metooo as a digital platform for your event, you can set various types of tickets (free, paid with different fixed prices, and free donation tickets), even for the same event? In addition, the ticket fees are the lowest on the market , and your funds are available immediately, at the time the payment is made by the buyer.

The sponsorshipit is a very common option to finance an event, and the way it works is this: the event offers visibility to the sponsor in exchange for the funds made available. This visibility can take various forms: name associations (the event takes the name of the sponsor), exclusivity of sales of the sponsor’s brand products during the event, branding of all marketing materials of the event with the sponsor’s logo , mentions of the sponsor in all advertisements, etc. Before approaching potential sponsors, you should be able to demonstrate that your event has the potential to attract not only large audiences but also relevant to the sponsor’s brand. Ideally, you have already sold tickets, and you can present an event program and marketing plan to the sponsors.

Sale of exhibition spaces
Your event does not necessarily have to be a fair or a market to have exhibitors . In this case, sales of exhibition spaces are a considerable part of your collection. Exhibitors can be catering suppliers, or a cocktail bar, or sellers of other products related to the event.

Crowdfunding can also be a low-risk trial of collecting the initial amount you need to start the event organization process. You can ask the backers to buy tickets in advance. If for any reason the event does not materialize at the end, their money will be repaid.

The marketing budget
If you are organizing the event on behalf of a company, and the event is part of the marketing plan, you have probably already allocated a budget for its realization when the plan was created. The marketing budget should at least partially cover the costs of the event. If you intend to get sponsorships or investments for the event, being able to show potential lenders that you’re already willing to cover some of the risks will increase the chances of getting the funds.

Bank loans
Getting a bank loan for the event itself is an unlikely option, but if you are organizing the event on behalf of your company, and the company has a proven financial strength, a general corporate bank loan is an alternative. to consider.

The barter
You may think this option does not belong to this list. However, in the end, among the things you need money for in organizing the event there are often physical products. You can team up with other companies / brands that could offer products for the event, in exchange for products or services that you could offer to them. In this case, companies become partners. For example, the catering company can become a partner in exchange for advertising space.

Advice for obtaining a bank loan

Finally after so many hesitations, you have decided to apply for a loan from the bank to start your business, or to launch yourself into some new project. And here are the first doubts: what should I do? How many types of financing are there? How can I understand that this is a positive operation for my company?

If it is true that obtaining a loan from the bank is a procedure that scares many entrepreneurs, it is also true that it is often essential to be able to start the business or make it more competitive on the market. So stop asking yourself a thousand questions and follow our advice . We have gathered them over many years of experience alongside our customers entrepreneurs in your own situation. Here’s what you need to do!

Useful tips for obtaining a loan
In recent years we have noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to obtain financing , especially for small organizations. On the one hand, banks are increasingly reluctant to lend to businesses with little profit, on the other hand small businesses are afraid of finding themselves managing a loan beyond their means.

But beyond the fears, you’ve already decided that applying for funding is the best solution for your company. Here are the tips we give to our entrepreneurs:

Make yourself reliable and show that you have clear ideas . Put yourself in the bank’s shoes , would you ever give a loan to someone who transmits insecurity? This is necessary especially in the case of small businesses, or young startups , or all those cases that are too risky for the bank. Are you wondering how to do it? To begin with, prepare an impeccable business plan . Organize the activities that, in the long term, will bring great profits to your company. After all, this is what interests the bank.
Build your web reputation . In recent years we have noticed that more and more banks are searching online to study the company profile . Being active on the web with a site or a corporate page in social media or even a corporate app can help you communicate your strong, competitive and open to new innovative reality to the banking institution.
Motivate your request . What do you need funding for ? Investments, need for liquidity , projects? Specify the reason why you are requesting the loan, even better if accompanied by the documentation that can give stable and motivated basis to your request.
Reorder documents . A solution to prove your reliability is to present well-organized documents. The precision with which you will show them to the bank will be the best presentation: budgets , tax returns, invoices, everything must be well ordered!
Offer guarantees . Virtually all banks require them. This is an added value that could be useful if your business project is not enough to convince the bank to grant you the loan. Your assets, mortgages on real estate, external subjects such as the State and consortium bodies, are pillars that show the bank that you have the opportunity to repay the loan .
At this point we want to give you some tips to better understand the terminology used by the banks . The technical jargon of financing , if this can be defined.

Technical dictionary: how to understand the language of your bank
Sometimes the technical language used by banks makes things more complex than they are. In reality it is not necessary to enter too much into technicalities in order to be able to communicate with them. In any case, knowing the meaning of some terms will certainly help you.

Here are the terms most used by banks:

Financing: the amount of money that the bank lends to the entrepreneur. This must be returned in a specific period of time, with the addition of interest accrued over time.
Fido: the sum of money that the bank grants to the entrepreneur, after having activated a current account, higher than that available to the account. This procedure is recommended especially in cases of temporary imbalances, between income and expenses, in the management of the fund .
Credit for advance invoices : the company that has a current account can ask the bank for a sum of money, of which the company can dispose immediately, as an advance of the credits used by the customers.
Mortgage loan : financing granted against the guarantee of a property, in particular a request to cover the costs of buying or renovating the building where the company carries out its work.

Marketing and Finance

Money is an integral part to survive in this fast growing world. In this competitive world, finding a decent job is tough. However, with the advent of the internet, it has given rise to lots of opportunities to make online money. It takes minimum investment and with the current technology, the money will be automatically credited to your account. Internet will provide different ways of how to earn online, but you have to select the right path to earn online money.

So even before you start to search for online jobs, you need to set all your priorities so that you find the job of your profile. Based on your talent and skill you need to search for the job. Itís up to the individual to decide which job he can handle with good responsibility. However, most of the online jobs available are not very difficult and you donít require any kind of special skills. There are many online jobs in India such as writing articles, blog writing, online surveys, data entry, making add, etc. There are lots of companies that offer freelancing jobs based on your capability.

Ever imagined you will get paid to survey? Yes, the internet has made it possible. Many companies are trying to find out what people think about their products and services through an online survey. It gives them an opportunity to cover a larger geographical area. When you sign up for online surveys choose that categories in which you have adequate knowledge. According to your selected categories, you will be provided with a particular survey. Online survey mainly consists of 30- 40 questions. Most surveys are completed in 20 to 30 minutes. Online paid surveys can provide a great way to earn money; it is one of the easiest and best methods to earn money without any investments.

On the internet, you will find many websites that offer you the chance to learn and also the chance to make money. Just create an account on a website that conducts quizzes, and for every right answer, you will be given good rewards. Due to all these factors, more and more people are grabbing this opportunity, as they get to make money from the comfort of their home. One of the interesting concepts is Click for money which enables to earn money by clicking on ads. Websites are full of advertisements for products and services; you just need to tell your friends about it. When your friends visit that website and click on that particular ad, you will earn money. This concept is the easiest and convenient method to make money with the ad.

With high inflation, it is difficult to manage all the expenses. There have to be ways to get that extra income to feel secured and make life easier. Online jobs in India have provided security that everybody needs in life. With full use of the internet, you can make your computer a cash gushing machine.